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When the Walking Phoenixes take the stage in their signature “all black” three piece suits, you can’t help but wonder if these young men have what it takes to be a tribute to the “Man In Black.”  It is more than just a band or a likeness of Johnny Cash.  It’s an experience.
The Walking Phoenixes give these classic songs a re-birth, a modern and sometimes hot-rodded sound created out of their liking and love for Johnny Cash.   They don’t sound like any particular band.  They do have all kinds of influences, but that just brings a very colorful and layered sound to what they do with the Johnny Cash songs.  Some songs are sped up, and some are even slowed down.  It depends on the content, style, and story of the song.  There are different band members, with different perspectives. Each has a very different palette of paint to work from.  You add all that together, and you get their sound with the Johnny Cash overtone essence and presence.

They strive to be like “a flower of light in a field of darkness.”  These are the lyrics in the song “Greystone Chapel,” written by Glen Sherley (an inmate at Folsom Prison).  Johnny Cash had performed this song at Folsom Prison while Sherley was still there.  Whether they are headlining a summer concert series for over 10,000 people, or performing for one special person, they strive to inspire and uplift any environment, touch people’s hearts and make them smile.  The Walking Phoenixes have played at benefit concerts for all different types of awareness.  From mesothelioma motorcycle runs, job awareness for the U.S. veterans, life care centers for the aging, to even a prison.  They are in fact a flower of light in a  field of darkness.


The Walking Phoenixes are:

Drewin Young- Acoustic Guitar & Lead Vocals

Greg Karas- Lead Electric Guitar & Backing Vocals

Jared Miller- Electric Bass Guitar & Backing Vocals

Dave Allen- Drums & Backing Vocals

Laurelyn Karas- Female Lead & Backing Vocals

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