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Are you unsure of what you need at your wedding as far as equipment? Are you unsure of whether to hire someone or do this yourself? Are you on a budget and do you feel you can handle the tasks of running a wedding ceremony and reception? What about having a wireless speaker in the back of the room for all to hear? Do you have enough projection screens to put up a "He Said She Said" video AND do you have the audio hooked up to the PA system properly? Did you think about that? No problem, we can counsel you! We offer all kinds of PA systems, speakers, wireless microphones, projectors, projection screens etc. We will also provide an "on-site" team member that will be there to help, just in case you run into any problems. Ok, so your nephew is a DJ and he or she wants to play something on their iPhone that's special for the wedding couple. While this is happening, Uncle Fred is gearing up to sing some karaoke right afterwards. We get it and we got you! We've been doing this awhile, so it's very important we help you through these different scenarios and occasions. Because the elements of your event may vary, so do our prices. Contact Young Dempsey Productions today and get a quote today!

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We don't list our prices because there are so many elements that go into preparing for a wedding and or special event. The prices vary and so does availability. That being said, we work with all kinds of budgets. Give us a call!